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Top Private University in India Gives Valuable Advice to Young Professionals

Starting a brand educational journey at one of the top universities in India can be quite daunting. New career options, new classes, new batch mates, the entire package can be quite complex without the right guidance. It is a space where you will learn,...
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4 Advantages Of Pursuing A Part-Time Course

When expanding your educational portfolio, the most obvious choice to make would be a full-time program that spans across a period of two years. However, a full-time program isn’t necessarily the only option available to you. These days a lot of reputed...
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Intellectual Property Awareness At Universities- Why Ignorance Is Agony?

Why universities should educate students on what IP is? Why it matters? Let’s first lay them straight. The numbers! A Forbes article by  John Villasenor, mentions a survey of 60 American graduate engineering students… 68% stated that they...
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Best Private University In Maharashtra

Engineering is the most sought after career option today as it offers you some of the best and lucrative career opportunities along with high perks and global exposure. In India, many students start preparing for engineering entrance examinations way...
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