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UX designer Skills

What Skills do You Need to Become a UX Designer?

UX designing is an extremely futuristic field with excellent career opportunities. UX designing is used by nearly all kinds of companies and brands today. But what is UX designing? Basically, UX designing is the art of creating virtual and real products that help users have a meaningful experience when using the product. Brands like Zomato, […]

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Advantages of pursuing Design Studies in UI/UX from Sandip University

Benefits of Pursuing a Bachelor of Design in UI/UX from Sandip University

User Experience (UX) Design is the process that design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences for their users. UX design involves designing the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and functionality. Experience design is all about making software easy to use. It […]

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How to Become a UX Designer in India

How to Become a UX Designer in India?

UX designing is one of the fastest booming career options today. There is a huge shortage of well-trained and skilled UX designers in India. More and more businesses understand the need to utilise the skills of UX designers in order to engage and retain customers. If you are looking for a challenging and growing career, […]

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Top 7 UI UX Trends will be Dominating in 2021

Top 7 UI UX Trends to Dominate 2021: Designing the Future

With each passing year a bunch of new UI UX trends emerge in the market. However, there has been a massive shift in these trends over the last year with some unprecedented circumstances on a global level. The COVID-19 pandemic shook the very foundations of businesses from different industries, forcing them to adapt to changing […]

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5 Tips on How to Become a UX Designer

UX design is based on designing digital products in a manner that provides an engaging and appropriate user experience. Today UX design is one of the fastest growing industries on a global scale. Becoming a UX designer is no small feat as there are various components involved in the process. However, if you have the […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Careers: A New Roadmap To Success- Inforgraphics

Recently, Sandip University had done a profound survey on the continuously growing Digital market of all the industries across the globe. As per this survey, the infographics focuses on career scope in digital marketing which has grown leaps and bounds. In addition to this, we have also showcased what companies should be looking for when […]

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