Top 5 Career Opportunities after a Cyber Security Engineering Degree

Career Scope After Cyber Security Engineerin

The last decade has seen a paradigm shift in global business models. Today more and more businesses are shifting online, with a dynamic focus on Cloud-based data storage. This demand has caused a need for amplified focus on cyber security. Businesses in various sectors are now looking for skilled and well-trained cyber security experts to fortify their online presence and safeguard their interests and data. A B.Tech in Cyber Security is one of the most versatile programs you can opt for in this field for an industry-synced education.

Here are the top 5 career opportunities in Cyber Security:

  1. Cyber Security Manager

Cyber security managers are tasked with designing and managing systems that maintain data management and security procedures to secure a business’s online ventures. These professionals have to conduct thorough research, remain updated of the latest cyber threats, and take proper and timely action against the same. Their knowledge and skills will define their salary and career scope in the industry. Qualified and well-trained professionals earn upwards of INR 12 lacs annually at the start of their career.

  1. Security Architect

Security architects are responsible for designing the architecture of a security network system that protects a business from online threats. They have to update and maintain existing network systems, and also suggest innovations in the system based on new and more advanced threats. Some of the best colleges for computer engineering provide students with relevant skills and knowledge to earn INR 17 lacs annually at the initial stages of their career in the industry.

  1. Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is tasked with maintaining security systems, identifying vulnerable components in the network, and integrating automation in the security system. They must also ensure the maintenance of firewalls, monitoring tools, and VPNs of the business. Professionals hired as network security engineers earn upwards of INR 4 lacs annually at the start of their career. Some of the best colleges for cyber security offer cutting-edge training to students to make them more employable.

  1. Chief Information Security Officer

More and more businesses are now hiring chief information security officers (CISO) to deal with cyber security threats. Their main responsibility is to create a cyber security plan that can align with a company’s vision and operations using existing technology. They are supposed to identify threats, design tools to fight these threats, while also reviewing a business’s cyber security policies and drafting new policies. These professionals can earn an average salary in crores of rupees, based on their experience and skills in the field.

  1. Cyber Security Analyst

A cyber security analyst is tasked with planning and implementing security measures to combat cyber security threats. They also conduct internal and external audits regarding potential network security risks. Many top cyber security courses in Nashik train students to become competent cyber security analysts that are an asset to businesses across various industries as they are responsible for risk analysis, network management, assessing security, etc. These professionals earn upwards of INR 6 lacs at the beginning of their career.


There are numerous options available to study cyber security today. A cyber security college in Nashik is one of the safest bets to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate program in this field as they have cutting-edge computer labs to provide students with hands-on practical training. Gaining such training can make you a more attractive candidate in the job industry, bringing you offers from top businesses across industries. So, conduct some research and choose the right option for pursuing a career in cyber security. Good luck!

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