Top 7 MBA Specialisations To Enhance Your Career After COVID-19 Pandemic

Top mba specialisations post covid -19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a space of uncertainty which has impacted the entire world. While businesses are grappling to survive in the post-pandemic era, the important question to ask yourself as a management degree aspirant would be, what management specialisation should I pursue to launch a promising career in this new era? As businesses are adapting to the “New Normal”, a number of management specialisations have cropped up which are gaining traction and promising young professionals with a thriving career.

If you want to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree, here are 7 best MBA specialisations you can consider pursuing after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top 7 MBA Specializations After COVID-19 Pandemic

1. MBA in Human Resource Management

No matter what the situation, organisations of all kinds in the public and private sector will require qualified professionals to manage and guide existing employees, and also hire valuable professionals as per the evolving needs of the organisation . The Human Resource department is a valued part of any organisation that oversees the smooth functioning of the organisation by maintaining interdepartmental harmony and a professional work environment within the organisation. Pursuing an MBA in Human Resource Management from one of the best B schools of India will surely open up a number of career opportunities for you on a global level.

2. MBA in Business Analytics

Business analytics deals with the collection, combination, and assortment of available data into viable statistical models which give out profitable insights that can help businesses make futuristic decisions to survive in the market. A professional holding this qualification will be highly valued as more and more businesses are using business analytics as a foolproof method of studying the market and their customers.

3. MBA in Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of global lockdowns which meant more emphasis on digital marketing and e-commerce. Businesses understood the need to revise their brand strategy to inculcate targeted digital marketing in order to survive the challenging situation. An MBA in Digital Marketing will teach you how to create groundbreaking business strategies for digital promotions, attract new customers, beat competition, and launch better products, which will in turn help you gain lucrative job opportunities in the arena.

4. MBA in Banking & Financial Service

The banking and finance sector saw an influx of customers needing better financial services, banking plans, personalised wealth management options, healthcare insurances, and life insurances. There is a high demand for qualified professionals, well trained in the art of banking and financial services. If you pursue an MBA in Banking and Financial Services you can attract promising opportunities in the industry across the globe.

5. MBA in Information Technology (IT)

If you are interested in technology and want to work with businesses from the IT sector then an MBA in Information Technology is the right degree for you. The pandemic has increased our dependence on IT and this consumer tendency is going to be on the rise for quite some time. Pursuing this degree will help you gain insights into UX and UI design as well, which are highly advanced components on which the IT sector is dependent.

6. MBA in Entrepreneurship & Family Business

Going into business for yourself or taking over a thriving family business is always a good idea, if you like the idea of being your own boss. MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business is one of the top MBA courses preferred by professionals who want to explore owning a business rather than just work for one. You will gain first-hand knowledge in how to run a business, the technicalities of entrepreneurship, and how to take an already established business to the next level.

7. MBA in Healthcare Management

After the COVID-19 pandemic the term “healthcare” is not restricted to merely providing healthcare services. This term now combines managing healthcare services such as hospitals, supply chains, and resources. Hence, MBA in Healthcare Management is a great degree to obtain as the focus on healthcare has amplified by many folds, and the need for qualified professionals who can manage the system is going to intensify tremendously in the coming years.


Is it a fact that the global economy has slowed down and businesses are trying hard to come out from under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is a great opportunity for you to spearhead your career in the right direction with a Masters in Business Administration degree. Look for universities that offer competitive programmes with placement opportunities.

Some top MBA colleges in Nashik also provide students with job offers in the first semester of the MBA programme, along with a 9-month compulsory paid internship. Such an MBA degree will give you the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience while pursuing your degree, which can open up great career opportunities for you in the future. Good luck!

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