Top PG Courses After Graduation in Science

PG Courses After Graduation in Science

Science is a vast and dynamic field with many branches. There are many PG courses after graduation in science that you can choose from for a bright career ahead. A Master of Science (M.Sc) program is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees you can opt for after graduation. This degree can lead to a PhD qualification, depending on your career goals. Let us take a look at some of the leading professional courses after graduation that you can pursue.

Top Courses After Graduation in Science

1. M.Sc Life Sciences

M.Sc in Life Sciences is a postgraduate program that focuses on ecology, genetics, plant development, molecular evolution and much more. This program is perfect for candidates who wish to pursue a career in research regarding various living organisms on planet earth. Their research can help humankind accelerate its knowledge about life on earth at a molecular level.

Professionals holding this qualification can be employed as Food Scientists, Immunologists, Bio Lab Technicians, Research Scientists, Nutritionists, and College Lecturers, to name a few career opportunities. This is a highly advanced field with global opportunities in government and private sector organisations around the world.

2. M.Sc Physics

This is an advanced degree in physics that focuses on different branches of physics including quantum mechanics, optics, nuclear physics and many more. Candidates opting for this program will also study astrophysics, solid state physics, and relativity and cosmetology.

Candidates holding an M.Sc in Physics can be hired as Research Scientists, Medical Physicists, Radiation Physicists, and Research Associate, among other professions. They can also teach in reputed colleges or pursue a PhD to gain a more lucrative research position in a leading public or private sector organisation.

3. M.Sc Microbiology

Microbiology is a specific branch of biology that deals with the study of botany, zoology, and physiology of bacteria, viruses, enzymes, and fungi. They also study the human immune system and DNA technology that helps them understand how the human body functions and defends itself against external threats in the form of diseases.

Professionals holding an M.Sc Microbiology degree are recruited as Microbiologists, Research Scientists, Research Analysts, Nutritionists, Clinical Research Associates, etc. Microbiology is an advanced field with a lot of scope for career growth in coming years.

4. M.Sc Organic Chemistry

Candidates who opt for M.Sc Organic Chemistry engage in the study of the composition, chemical structure, properties and reaction of carbon-based organic chemical compounds. Organic chemistry helps us better understand the composition of the human body and its DNA to facilitate the development of treatment for complex diseases like cancer.

Professionals with this qualification can work as Research Chemists, Chemistry Project Assistants, Toxicologists, Quality Control Officers, Lab Scientists, Chemical Analyst, and College Professor. Organic chemistry is one of the most popular branches of chemistry and you can build a global career in this field with the right training.

5. M.Sc Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is a wide branch of chemistry that deals with the study of Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Principles of Analytical Chemistry, and Environmental Analytical Chemistry. It deals with applications of chemical systems, compounds of carbon, chemical methods, and environmental chemistry.

Professionals with this qualification can build a career as a Quality Control Analyst, Senior Process Analyst Scientist, Lab Researcher, Lab Technician, Research Scientist, and Quality Control Officer. These professions are available in the public and private sector, depending on your career goals.

6. M.Sc Forensic Science

Forensic science is a means by which a crime scene is investigated to bring a criminal to justice. Professionals in this field are involved in biological forensics, cybercrime, and advanced psychology to understand the motivations behind criminal behaviour. These professionals are expected to work with various law enforcement agencies, examine collected evidence, and clearly state their findings to help the legal system take its due course.

M.Sc Forensic Science is one of the best courses after B.Sc as there have been huge improvements in this field with a lot of career scope. Professionals can be employed as Correctional Officers, Customs Agents, Crime Scene Investigators, Forensic Psychologists, Private Detectives, and Compliance Officers.

7. M.Sc Mathematics

Mathematics is used in diverse businesses and fields to understand things like economic trends, investment opportunities, banking systems, social research, engineering, computer engineering, cyber security, quantum computing, and so much more. Pursuing mathematics can lead to diverse career opportunities that can help you build a challenging and lucrative career in the field of your choice.

Some of the career opportunities open to you with an M.Sc Mathematics degree are Mathematics Specialist, Data Analyst, Quantitative Developer, Business Analyst, Numerical Analyst, Operations Manager, Cryptanalyst, Equity Analyst, and College Professor, to name a few.

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