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About M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)

The Sandip University Graduate MSc Organic Chemistry Program focuses on the study of various constituents of various organic compounds, including their organic properties, structures, and reactions. Organic chemistry is used in a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to electronics, and is also used in machine parts.

Sandip University is one of the best Universities in India for MSc in Organic Chemistry. The program spans him two years and he is divided into four semesters. Each semester comprises a complex combination of academic knowledge and practical skills gained through intensive laboratory work. Students will acquire an in-depth and thorough knowledge of organic chemistry as well as practical skills useful for employment in industry.

Upon completion of this program, students can pursue a PhD in Organic Chemistry or seek rewarding employment opportunities in a variety of industries.

Career Opportunities in M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)


Research Chemist

Research chemists study compounds and use that research to develop and improve processes and products, from new drugs and medical procedures to products such as cosmetics, electronics, and food and beverages


Chemistry Project Assistant

Project assistants perform administrative tasks as directed by the project manager and ensure smooth communication between all stakeholders. They often involve all phases of a project, resulting in a wide range of tasks.


Quality Control Chemist

A quality control chemist prepares and tests samples from all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure product quality meets standards, prepares documentation to report test results, and is responsible for handling hazardous materials



Toxicologists use analytical and scientific methods to identify toxins, such as chemicals, biological agents and radiation, and evaluate their potential risks and harmful effects.

StructureProgram Structure

Physical Chemistry I Inorganic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I Analytical Chemistry I
Physical and Inorganic chemistry Laboratory I Organic and Analytical chemistry Laboratory I
Research Methodology Physical Chemistry II
Inorganic Chemistry II Organic Chemistry II
Program Elective I Physical and Inorganic chemistry Laboratory III
Program Elective I Laboratory
Analytical Chemistry II Polymer Chemistry
Programme Elective I Laboratory
Organic and Analytical chemistry Laboratory IV Organic & Polymer chemistry laboratory IV
*Application of Spectroscopic Methods in Molecular Structure Determination Organic Reaction Mechanism, Stereochemistry and Natural Products
Pericyclic Reactions, Photochemistry and Heterocyclic Chemistry Designing Organic Synthesis and Asymmetric Synthesis
Spectroscopic Methods and Organic Reaction Mechanism Laboratory Pericyclic Reactions and Designing Organic Synthesis Laboratory
Research Project

Fee Structure & Eligibility

Programme Sem Year Mode Eligibility Academic Fees
Per Year (INR)
Special Fees
(Incl. Library Fee & Examination Fees)
Per Year (INR)
Fees Per Year


M.Sc.(Organic Chemsitry) 4 2 Sem Graduation from respective stream or equivalent course with minimum 50% marks for open and 45% marks forreserved category students Rs. 42,000 /- Rs. 7,000 /- Rs. 49,000/-

  • Admission Form and Prospectus Rs. 1000/- (One Time).
  • Caution Money Rs. 1000 (Minimum Deduction - Rs. 500)
  • Hostel Fees Rs . 1, 10,000/- per annum + 5000 (Deposit Rs 5, 000 at the time of Admission Only on Refundable basis, Minimum Deduction Rs. 1000)
  • Transportation Fees as applicable based on Route and Pick Up Point.
  • Uniform Cost Rs. 6000/-

Lab Facility