What can I do after Class 12th in Aerospace Engineering?

Top Aerospace Engineering Courses

Aerospace engineering is one of the fastest growing industries today and there are many courses you can follow after class 12th in aerospace engineering. There are many public and private sector companies that look for qualified and well-skilled professionals to join their organisation. The Government of India is investing heavily in space research programs and “Make in India” defence equipment that can exported across the world. Some of the best aerospace engineering colleges in Nashik offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field to train the next generation of aerospace engineers. This will help deal with the shortage of qualified aerospace engineers in the country.

Let’s take a look at some of the top aerospace engineering programs you can pursue after class 12th:

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering is a prominent undergraduate degree program spread across four years and eight semesters. This program focuses on designing, testing, manufacturing and maintaining aircrafts, aeroplanes, satellites and spacecrafts. Professionals holding this qualification are eligible to work with leading aircraft manufacturers, defence equipment manufacturers, and space research organisations.

The course curriculum of this program includes Thermodynamics of Aerospace Engineering, Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering, Aerodynamics, Aerospace Propulsion and Aircraft Structures, to name a few topics. After completing this program, professionals can be hired as Aerospace Designers, Aircraft Production Manager, Assistant Technical Officer, Aerospace Engineer and Mechanical Design Engineer.

B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering

B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering is another popular engineering program you can pursue after class 12th. This is an undergraduate degree program spanning across four years and eight semesters. B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering focuses on planning, designing, innovating, and conducting research and development of civil and military aircrafts, space shuttles, space stations, rockets, and missiles. Some of the best colleges for aerospace engineering also offer B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering programs to interested candidates.

The course curriculum of B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering includes Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Aircraft Materials, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Avionics, and many other relevant topics. Professionals holding this qualification can be placed as Aeronautical Engineers, Design Engineers, Maintenance Officers, Aerospace Chief Engineers and Analysis Engineers at leading airlines, aircraft manufacturers, defence equipment manufacturing companies, think tanks, and space research organisations.

M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering

M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering is a postgraduate program spread across two years and four semesters. This program is perfect for professionals who hold B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering or B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering. There are many career opportunities in aerospace engineering for professionals holding this qualification in leading organisations such as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Jet Airways, Air India, Hindustan Aeronautics, and TATA.

The course curriculum of this program includes Mathematical Modelling, Aerodynamics of Flight Vehicles, Flight Vehicle Structures, Application of MATLAB in Aerospace Engineering, Space Transportation Systems, Aerospace Sensors and Measurement Systems, and Simulation using ANSYS Lab. After completing this program, professionals can be hired as Senior Aerospace Engineers, Research and Development Scientists, Flight Operations Head and Aerospace Design Engineers.


There are many top aerospace engineering colleges in Nashik that offer these undergraduate and postgraduate programs to provide the industry with trained and qualified professionals. The course curriculum of the programs at these colleges is designed in tandem with industry experts to ensure that the programs are synced with industry standards. Furthermore, they hire experienced and well-qualified faculty members holding degrees and PhDs from leading colleges across India.

Students are trained at high-tech labs and futuristic classrooms to help them gain a well-rounded education. These colleges also offer 100% placement assistance to students through campus placement drives. They partner with leading companies in the industry to participate in their campus drive and recruit students. Hence, when choosing a college for aerospace engineering, be sure to make a list of these important requirements before making the final decision. Good luck!

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