Why is Sandip University One of the Top LLB Colleges in Maharashtra?

Top LLB Colleges in Maharashtra

There are many reasons as to why Sandip University is one of the top LLB colleges in Maharashtra today. Sandip University is a UGC-recognised cutting-edge hub of futuristic education. As the first self-financed private universities in North Maharashtra, Sandip University has established itself as one of the leading universities in the state. Sandip University’s School of Law has earned a reputation as one of the best law colleges in Nashik by training the next generation of legal professionals in the nation. The Indian legal landscape is changing, and it is imperative that we step up to embrace the change for the brighter future of our nation.

Let’s take a look at why you should pursue a law degree from Sandip University:

  1. Recognised by the Bar Council of India

The Bar Council of India is a statutory and regulatory body that standardises legal studies and practices in the nation. This body has been created by the Indian Parliament to symbolise the Indian Bar. All lawyers in India have to be registered with the Bar Council of India to gain a valid licence to practise law in India. The Bar Council of India grants approvals and affiliations to law colleges in India, which means that the standards of legal education provided by these colleges are up to the standards of the Council. Sandip University’s affiliation to the Bar Council of India means that you will receive a legal education which is on par with the top law colleges in Maharashtra.

  1. 100% Placement Assistance

Sandip University hosts annual campus placement drives to facilitate placement opportunities for its students. Leading public and private sector companies participate in these placement drives to recruit talented lawyers. Global companies with holdings in India are constantly looking for savvy lawyers to fortify their position in the Indian market. Sandip University trains students to become dynamic working professionals who can crack corporate interviews and work with futuristic companies. Students also undergo compulsory internships to help them gain a better understanding of the Indian legal system.

  1. Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies

It is a fact that research is a part and parcel of legal studies anywhere in the world. Sandip University understands the need for thorough research in the field of law and has established a dedicated Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies. The mission is to help students form a strong foundation in technical research. The Centre is a melting pot of disciplined research, innovative discussions, thought-provoking debates, and tackling ethical legal dilemmas. Students have the opportunity to hone their research skills and critical thinking skills at Sandip University’s Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies.

  1. Dedicated Skill Development

Sandip University pays focused attention to each student’s overall skill development. Students are encouraged to participate in various curricular and extracurricular activities to hone their skills. Skills like good communication, analytical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, competitive spirit and sportsmanship are integral to becoming a good lawyer. As one of the top LLB colleges in Maharashtra, Sandip University organises workshops, seminars, webinars, guest lectures, sporting events, inter-college competitions, industry visits and field trips to help students understand the inner workings of the legal system in India.

  1. Futuristic Programs

Sandip University offers futuristic undergraduate and postgraduate programs in law. After completing 10+2, students can opt for LLB, BBA LLB or BA LLB programs. Candidates with an undergraduate degree in law can opt for 2-year LLM programs with specialisation in Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, or Corporate and Commercial Law. These are some of the most in-demand branches of law in India. Pursuing any of these programs will open up a world of career opportunities for you in the Indian legal system.

  1. Board of Studies & Advisory Committee

Law is a field different from all else. Students pursuing a career in law need additional guidance from professionals in the industry. To this end, Sandip University organises guest lectures by eminent personalities including Hon’ble Jt. Sanjeeb Kumar Panigrahi, Judge, High Court of Orissa, Hon’ble Justice H.L.Gokhale, Judge of Supreme Court (Retired), and Padma Shri Adv. Ujjwal Nikam, Special Public Prosecutor, Govt. of Maharashtra. Besides this, Sandip University has also established a Board of Studies and an Advisory Committee consisting of leading legal minds in the academic arena to develop the quality of education at Sandip School of Law.

  1. Professional Infrastructure

Sandip University’s 250+ acre campus in Nashik, Maharashtra is a cutting-edge hub of legal education. Students pursuing law have access to high-tech classrooms and a well-designed moot court. Moot court sessions are an integral part of legal education in colleges recognised by the Bar Council of India. Sandip University organises National Moot Court Competitions every year to help students rub shoulders with the best in the legal arena and build their skills as future lawyers.


LLB is one of the top law courses after 12th that you can choose for a thriving career as a lawyer in India. The above mentioned advantages make Sandip University the perfect place to start your educational journey in law. Students are always welcome to visit the University to gain first-hand exposure and relevant information. You can do some research and opt for a campus tour before arriving at a final decision. Good luck!

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