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About B.Sc. Forensic Science

One of the top B.Sc forensic science colleges in Nashik, Sandip University offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialisation in Forensic Science. The program runs for three years and her six semesters. Students who choose this program acquire in-depth knowledge of a variety of forensic topics.
Students graduating from Sandip University's Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree in Forensics will be taught statistical methods for data analysis, Advanced Chemistry and Laboratory Practices and Biological Methods in Forensics.
The program is designed to help students understand the role of forensics in the criminal justice system and contribute effectively to the field. Sandip University has diverse faculties in different areas of science to guide students and direct projects through the complexities of this important field.
Sandip University is one of the best university in Maharashtra. All programs offered by Sandip University are created after careful consultation between the university's experienced faculty and industry experts. This collaboration helps students receive a competency-based education that prepares them for the job market

Career Opportunities in B.Sc. Forensic Science

Forensic Science

Forensic Expert

A forensic expert is a person who collects, preserves, and scientifically analyses objects in question for investigation

Forensic Science

Drug Analyst

Drug analysts are responsible for performing various tests on a drug to verify its quality and composition and to determine its use accordingly.

Forensic Science

Crime Laboratory Analyst

Crime laboratory analysts, also known as forensic technicians, examine and process crime scene evidence to determine what it is and how relevant it is to an investigation.

Forensic Science

Forensic Toxicologist

A forensic toxicologist is an expert who analyses a person's body for the presence of drugs, alcohol, poisons, or other foreign substances and determines whether it was the cause of death.

Forensic Science

Clinical Forensic Medical Experts

Clinical forensic specialists are responsible for autopsies on corpses to determine the cause, circumstances, time, and circumstances of death.

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators are responsible for investigating crime scenes to find clues related to solving crimes.

StructureProgram Structure

Contemporary English Introduction to Forensic Science
Crime and Society Forensic Chemistry
Forensic Physics Introduction to Forensic Science Laboratory
Crime and Society Laboratory Forensic Chemistry Laboratory
Forensic Physics Laboratory
Foreign Language Fench / German Criminal Law
Forensic Psychology Forensic Biology
Environmental Science Criminal Law Laboratory
Forensic Psychology Laboratory Forensic Biology Laboratory
Computer Science Laboratory
Forensic Dermatoglyphics Technological Methods in Forensic Science
Criminalistics Economics
Forensic Dermatoglyphics Laboratory Technological Methods in Forensic Science Laboratory
Criminalistics Laboratory Economics Laboratory
Internship I
Introduction to Biometrics and Biomechanics Forensic Accounting
Forensic Ballistics Forensic Anthropology
Programme Elective - I Open Elective - I
Forensic Ballistics Laboratory Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
Programme Elective – I Laboratory
Handwriting and Identification Recognition Forensic Photography
Forensic Ballistics Biostatistics
Programme Elective - II Open Elective - II
Forensic Ballistics Laboratory OBiostatistics Laboratory
Programme Elective - II Laboratory Internship II#
Forensic Science and Society
Programme Elective II (Any two)
Accident Investigation DNA Forensic
Programme Elective II Laboratory
Accident Investigation Laboratory DNA Forensic Laboratory
Programme Elective III Programme Elective IV
Programme Elective V Programme Elective III Laboratory
Programme Elective IV Laboratory Programme Elective V Laboratory
Research Project

Fee Structure & Eligibility

Programme Sem Year Mode Eligibility Academic Fees
Per Year (INR)
Special Fees
(Incl. Library Fee & Examination Fees)
Per Year (INR)
Fees Per Year


B.Sc. Forensic Science 6 3 Sem Passed 10+2 science or equivalent course from any recognised Board with minimum 45% marks for open and 40% marks for backward category students OR Three years Diploma from any recognised Board of Technical Education or its equivalent Rs. 50,000 /- Rs. 10,000 /- Rs. 60,000 /-

  • Admission Form and Prospectus Rs.1000/- (One Time)
  • Caution Money Rs.1000 (Refundable)
  • Hostel Fees Rs.1,00,000/- per annum (Deposit Rs.5,000 at the time of Admission Only on Refundable basis)
  • Transportation Fees as applicable based on Route and Pick Up Point
  • Uniform cost Rs.5500/-

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