Our school of Pharmaceutical studies is one of the most reputed Pharmacy colleges in Nashik, Maharashhtra and stands out beautifully in the huge campus of Sandip University. On joining any of our Pharma programs, you will avail of a unique syllabus that shall be taught by skilled professors.
Sandip University's Pharma college is considered to be among the best because it got a modern lab, and other amenities that are at par to any of its peers in the world. We welcome everyone to experience our world-class facilities which help you to carry out cutting-edge research and build a fantastic career in the industry.


It offers the world-class learning opportunities, that empathize on the communication skills and research based facilities.
The study of pharma provides the skills-based practical learning that infuses the studies to adopt a new pro-found research.
Providing the deeper insight on human anatomy and psychological preference on the occurrence of any medical difficulties.
Garners a 360* approach to a certain problem and providing a solution based on that.
To take a higher or a top-notch position in the field of research & science.
It includes the study of certain natural products, that help you to garner the knowledge of certain clinical products.
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Career Prospects

Imparts a quality education based on the knowledge of chemicals & drug molecules.
After completion of the courses you can apply in various designations such as: Food Inspector, QC Chemist, Medical superintendent, etc.
It aims to prepare a student with the ultimation of building a career in medical teaching, pharma professionals & several other fields related to pharmacy.
To contribute to the enhancement of a pharma industry and adding the remarkable contribution towards the country.
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Programs Offered

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