Month: August 2017


Learn The Significance Of Ganesh Chaturthi In Education Sector

With one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in this country. The ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ has its own significance that denotes the importance of education in Hindu Mythology. It is a 10-Day festival that embarks & celebrated the transformer of the world ‘Ganesha’; with the celebration lord ‘Ganesha’ has set a separate standard for education. Let see […]

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Diversity Training

Types Of Diversity Training That Really Work

Nowadays, when anemployee joins any organization which compromises ofa wide variety of work culture and different lifestyle. One of the most crucial things that plays as an important factor is training that needs to be considered is a diversity training program carried out by human resource management teams – one of the immediate reasons is […]

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Power of VFX


In the 21st century ,the Digital revolution is by far amongst the biggest events that changed the world. It has left its imprints on every phase of our life, making things faster and more convenient, one way or the other. A big aspect of digitalization is the offering of cutting edge technologies offered, like for […]

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Internet of Things

How Seamless Mobility Will Fuel Growth of IOT

Digitization got its biggest push with the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has been a true game changer as it allowed a single ecosystem or numerous ecosystems to function independently without human intervention. This has many outcomes, especially if the participants are able to seamlessly move from one data point to another. This […]

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Women Diversity

Gender Diversity & Role Of Women In A Digital World

In a modern age, corporates are now understanding the role of women in the workforce & how they can effectively contribute to the success of the organization. With the growing awareness of the women empowerment, equality/gender based issues, etc has increased more number of women to participate in the workforce & are now climbing to […]

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Admission Enquiry 2022-23