Month: January 2020

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Jobs after a B.Tech in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

  Data science and artificial intelligence are interrelated fields that combine processes and systems to gain valuable insights from the available data. Data science is crucial in assisting artificial intelligence mediums find solutions to future problems by linking data that can be used later. Since both data science and artificial intelligence are rapidly evolving fields, […]

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Courses & Career Options after 12th Science PCM

Choosing the right career option after completing 12th in science stream is a difficult task for most students. The choice is more difficult now as there are so many cutting-edge career options that have become available over the last decade. If you have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) in 12th, then you have nothing […]

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7 Highest Paying MBA Specialisations and Jobs in India

7 Highest Paying MBA Specialisations and Jobs in India

Pursuing an MBA can mean that you have exciting career prospects lined up ahead of you. On the other hand, choosing the right specialisation can be quite daunting. To help you out, here are 7 MBA streams that can land you some of the highest paying jobs as a fresh MBA graduate: Financial Management The […]

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Career Opportunities in Environmental Engineering

Over the last few years, environmental engineering has gained a lot of traction. With rising awareness about conservation of the environment and the planet, more and more companies are looking for a more environmentally friendly approach to conduct their businesses. For this purpose these businesses hire environmental engineers. Typically environmental engineers are required across various […]

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Cloud Technology Blog

Topics Covered in B.Tech Cloud Technology & Information Security

Cloud technology and information security is one of the most sought after career options today. The cloud technology is a vast field and information security is an integral aspect of this field. A B.Tech in Cloud Technology and Information Security can help you gain the training and professional knowledge required to make it in the […]

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Social networking and cyber security concept

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Cyber Security Course

Cyber security, which is also known as information technology security, implements techniques to protect computing systems, cyber networks, online programmes, and all sensitive data from unwanted external attacks by hackers. The safety of a cyber network is determined by how advanced its cyber security system is. Since the Internet has become the core of our […]

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Aerospace Engineering Career

5 Best Career Options After Aerospace Engineering in India

Aerospace engineering is one of the most coveted branches of engineering across the globe. Aerospace engineers are responsible for groundbreaking advancements in the aviation industry and the space industry. However, there are a lot of unanswered questions about aerospace engineering so we have attempted to bring you some clarity about the same: What do Aerospace […]

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