Highest Paying MBA Specialisations & Jobs in India

Best MBA Specialisations in India

MBA has been one of the most sought-after qualifications after graduation for candidates who want to run successful businesses. Students from different educational backgrounds and industries pursue MBA to boost their career growth and gain access to high-paying jobs. Today, there are many specialisations that you can choose from, depending on your interests and aptitude.

While it is important to choose a specialisation that appeals to your interests, it is also important to look for one that can help you build a lucrative career for yourself. MBA degrees can be quite expensive so it is natural to want to aim for a well-paying job to gain a return on your investment.

Here are some of the best specialisations in MBA in India that you can choose from for a bright career ahead:

Top MBA Specialisations with Well-Paying Career Opportunities

1. Banking & Financial Services

MBA in Banking and Financial Services provides students with a strong foundation regarding financial accounts, money exchange, banking policies, and decision-making regarding financial information. After completing this program, you can work in public and private sector banks and financial institutions, depending on your career goals.

Professionals holding this qualification are recruited as Accounts Manager, Bank Branch Manager, Financial Advisor, Market Analyst, Business Finance Manager, Investment Banker, Corporate Analyst, and Equity Research Analyst.

2. Business Analytics

You can gain access to top paying jobs after completing MBA in Business Analytics from a leading management college in India. Business analytics focuses on analysing data collected by various businesses to find viable conclusions regarding market trends, consumer behaviour, market projections, and much more. This analysis helps businesses make accurate decisions regarding product design and manufacturing, marketing, budgeting, and organisational administration.

This is a highly futuristic field and professionals with this degree can be placed as Business Systems Analyst, Business Strategist Analyst, Business and Data Analyst, Healthcare Business Analyst, Business Application Analyst, and many other positions.

3. Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing is another popular program that has been around for a while. Marketing management has taken a whole new turn now, due to the advent of digital marketing. There is a need for smart and market-savvy professionals who can research consumer behaviour, market trends, and use their knowledge to help design and advertise a product appropriately.

Professionals holding an MBA in Marketing Management degree can be recruited as Equity Portfolio Specialist, Field Marketing Manager, Business Intelligence Manager, Client Success Specialist, P&L Controller, and a Head of Marketing Department.

4. Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management is another classic specialisation that can help you work with some of the leading businesses across different industries. Professionals who oversee human resource management are in dire need to ensure that an organisation is able to recruit and retain talented professionals in the organisation. These professionals are highly skilled and need to have excellent people skills to succeed in this field of management.

Businesses recruit professionals with these qualifications as Chief Human Resource Officers, Performance Managers, IT Recruitment Managers, HR Executives, Labour Relations Officers, and Human Resource Managers.

5. International Business

MBA in International Business is one of the best MBA courses in India. This program focuses on teaching candidates about foreign trade, foreign investments, trade management, forex risk management, and foreign policies that impact imports and exports. The unique advantage of this qualification is that it can help you travel the world for your job. Businesses looking to set up operations in a foreign country need professionals holding this degree to understand the law of the land to thrive there.

Professionals with this degree can be placed as Risk Management Directors, Government Affairs Director, Business Development Manager, Supply Chain Management Director, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Auditing Director, and Business Analytics Manager.

6. Financial Management

Last but not the least, an MBA in Financial Management is a safe bet as it is one of the most secure career options you can choose. Businesses are always looking for skilled and talented professionals with a background in finance to manage their spending, costing, revenues and profits. These professionals look after a company’s insurance, investments, taxation, wealth management, and work dedicatedly towards cutting losses and increasing profits.

Top jobs available to professionals holding an MBA in Financial Management are Finance Analyst, Finance Consulting Manager, Leveraged Finance Associate, Financial Manager, Financial Management Associate, Chief Financial Officer, and Finance Integration and Separation Manager.


Top management colleges in Maharashtra offer the above-mentioned courses to interested and eligible candidates. You can look for colleges that offer compulsory internships and 100% placement assistance to ensure that you get the right start to your career.

Some colleges also offer New Age MBA programs with 100% job guarantee and a paid internship spanning across six months. You can look out for such programs as well to stand apart from your peers in the job market. Good luck!

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