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D.Pharm vs. B.Pharm: Which is Better for a Career in Pharmacy

D.Pharm vs. B.Pharm: Which is Better for a Career in Pharmacy

Pursuing pharmacy can be an excellent decision, depending on your interests and aptitude. Today a career in pharmacy is extremely coveted as more and more candidates apply to programs in pharmaceutical science. The pharmaceutical industry has seen quite the boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight there was a huge surge in the need for effective […]

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Pharmacy Courses for a Bright Future

Best Courses for Pharmaceutical Industry in India

Working in the pharmaceutical industry in India can be highly rewarding with the right qualifications. Pharmacists have always been prominent professionals in the healthcare industry as they pursue pharmaceutical courses to bridge the gap between a patient and their access to life-saving medication. Pharmacists in the research sector formulate newer and better drugs to fight […]

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Career Options After B.Pharm Course

Career Options & Prospects After B.Pharm Course

B.Pharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate degree program usually spread across four years and eight semesters. This program provides students with relevant knowledge and skills required to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Of late the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a massive boost in terms of developing life-saving drugs and vaccines to protect humans […]

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diploma in pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy | Courses | Admissions | Syllabus | Careers 2021

A Diploma in Pharmacy is an educational programme spread across two years. This programme is suitable for professionals seeking a career in pharmacy, as it familiarises students with different concepts in pharmaceutical science, chemical applications in pharmaceutical science, and gives students an in-depth knowledge about toxicology. If you are someone who wishes to launch a […]

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7 trends in pharmacy

Top 7 Trends in Pharmacy to Watch Out for in 2021 | Future of Pharmacy

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the global pharmaceutical industry has seen some phenomenal changes over the last year. Newer and faster technologies have been implemented in discovering viable drugs and vaccines to protect us against the deadly virus. Never before has there been a vaccine developed within a year of a disease being known to humankind. […]

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Exploring Top Pharmacy Careers for Aspiring Professionals

Top Careers in Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical science is a vast field which is constantly evolving. There is a lot of career scope in pharmaceutical science with the right qualifications. The pharma industry is expanding at a significant rate, creating new opportunities in the field for skilled professionals. If you want to pursue a fast-paced and challenging career that has a […]

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Pharma Career

Why Career In Pharma Is A New Trend In 2018?

With the growing amount of workload & competition, there is a huge amount of diseases increasing day by day; as a result, many Global Pharma companies are continuously striving for new research avenues. As per the recent reports published by IFPMA (2017), there is 90% rise in the diseases as compared to the previous decade. […]

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