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Best Course for Construction Management

Which Course is Best for Construction Management?

The Construction Management Specialization is designed for professionals in the construction and civil engineering industry looking to advance their careers. Through this specialization, students acquire comprehensive industry knowledge as well as the latest trends and developments in the industry. These courses cover key aspects of construction management, including project initiation and planning, planning techniques and […]

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Most Demanding Engineering Branches In Future

Most In-Demand Engineering Branches for the Future

There are many branches of engineering that are set to have a high demand in the future. These programs are extremely futuristic and have been deemed as some of the best options for professionals wanting to pursue engineering. Some of the top engineering colleges in Maharashtra offer this program to aspiring candidates to help them […]

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PhD in Engineering

Reasons to pursue PhD in Engineering from Sandip University

A PhD in engineering is useful and important. For you and your career, it opens up a lot of possibilities. For instance, a PhD enables you to launch research initiatives, get practical knowledge of cutting-edge technology, and establish yourself as a leader in your field of study. With a PhD, a professor position is also […]

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How can I become a successful civil engineer in India

How can I become a successful civil engineer in India?

Today the profession of civil engineering is gaining a new momentum in India. The demand for modern infrastructure by the customers and people are helping the civil engineering profession to gain more popularity and demand. Therefore, to become a civil engineer is rewarding because of the  demand to build modern structures like schools, bridges, highways, […]

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Best Civil Engineering College in Maharashtra

Why is Sandip University the Best Civil Engineering College in Maharashtra?

Sandip University, Nashik is one of the best civil engineering colleges in Maharashtra and offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering, including civil engineering. Civil engineering is one of the oldest and most prominent branches of engineering. Even today, despite the emergence of newer branches of engineering, many students prefer to pursue civil engineering […]

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Features of Top Construction Management Colleges in India

Features of Top Construction Management Colleges in India

If you are a professional with a degree in civil engineering, you must consider ways to further strengthen your knowledge and skills in the field. An M.Tech in Construction Management can go a long way in helping you carve a niche for yourself in the civil engineering sector. The program is designed to help civil […]

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best engineering colleges

7 Things to Know Before Joining an Engineering College

Pursuing a career in engineering can be extremely rewarding. There are some excellent specialisations you can choose from to have a thriving career in engineering. However, there are certain things you need to do in order to be accepted at some of the best private universities for engineering. So if you have explored your options […]

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smart goals for engineering career

How Can SMART Goals Help Your Engineering Career?

We live in a highly diverse world, with dynamic options at our disposal and this includes a variety of career options. However, the downside of these options is that it becomes difficult for persons belonging to the younger generation to maintain focus on what is important. Careers and education take a back seat due to […]

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5 Things Students From Best Engineering Colleges Do

In India, engineering has always been one of the most coveted degrees over time. Holding an engineering degree, be it a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, is often seen as a status symbol. However, the rise in the number of students has created an imbalance in the demand and supply of engineers in the […]

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