Top Aeronautical Engineering Degrees in India

Top Aeronautical Engineering Degrees in India

Aeronautical engineering is a well-known engineering field that attracts students interested in aircraft and their mechanics. An aeronautical engineer’s primary job is to design aircraft and propulsion systems, but over time engineers are given more and more responsibilities. There are hiring opportunities in the defense services and aviation industries.

Aeronautical engineering is demanding due to its extensive curriculum that requires a lot of thoroughness and hard work. However, the degree is rewarding for any student as it leads to well-paying jobs as well as a degree. An aeronautical engineering degree helps you find jobs in the aerospace industry, defense installations, and the civil aviation sector. The average salary for an Aeronautical Engineer is INR 6 lakh or above. Earnings double with experience.

Candidates start as graduate engineering trainees or junior engineers. Based on their achievements, education and skills, they are assigned to training in aircraft maintenance/overhaul or support departments. After completing the training, they will be employed as assistant flight engineers or assistant engineers. The top Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India offer many degrees related to aeronautical engineering

How many courses are there in Aeronautical Engineering?

This stream allows candidates to choose from a variety of aeronautical engineering courses. You can start with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and go on to master’s and doctoral degrees if you want. A basic criterion for aeronautical engineering degree programs is that candidates must have a strong understanding of mathematics, physics and chemistry. After successfully completing science class 10+2, students will have the opportunity to choose their subjects.

There are four types of aeronautical engineering degree programs in India. Polytechnic Diploma Course:
It is a two-year diploma program. Candidates who have completed Years 10 or 12 are eligible to apply.

Bachelor’s program:

Candidates can proceed to undergraduate programs such as her 4-year BE or Bachelor of Technology (B Tech). Candidates must have completed Grade 10+2 in the relevant subject to be admitted to this.

Graduate courses:

Candidates may also choose the M E’s Master of Aeronautical Engineering or Master of Technology (M Tech) programs. A prerequisite for this is a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject or specialty.

A Ph.D.  is a program in aeronautical engineering is also available for candidates to pursue upon completion of their master’s degree. The best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra offer a doctoral program in aeronautical engineering.

BE in Aeronautical Engineering

B.E (Aeronautical Engineering) or Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering is a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering degree. The Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering is a four-year program and course that covers the study of the principles and techniques used in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of aircraft, missiles, space satellites, and related equipment. Aeronautical engineering focuses on the construction and development of aircraft and satellites, and space research.

Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. A Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering has a wide range of implications and career opportunities for applicants. There are many careers in aeronautical engineering, which one can pursue after a bachelor’s degree in the field.

B.E (Aeronautical Engineering) Eligibility

Aspiring students must pass 10+2 or equivalent exams covering physics, chemistry and mathematics, with a reasonable percentage of their total grades, and various national levels administered by various universities and colleges across the country. and must pass state-level entrance exams.

The B.E. Elective Course (Aeronautical Engineering) is based on the final certificate secured grade, i.e. the aggregated aggregate score of 10+2 final and entrance exams.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is administered by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the country. Access to the IIT can only be secured after this JEE release. B.E. For degree programs (Aeronautical Engineering), JEE points are considered the grade of qualification, but there are also various national and state entrance examinations such as All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) administered by various universities and colleges across the country. . The exam is also administered by Associate Members of the Association of Engineers (AMIE), which enables private/public sector professionals and diploma holders to pursue a distance learning Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aeronautical Engineering. This Institute of Engineers (AMIE) Associate Membership Examination is administered by the Aeronautical Society of India (ASI). The degree awarded is her regular B.E. aeronautical engineering degree.

ME in Aeronautical Engineering

ME (Aeronautical Engineering) or Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering is a graduate degree in aeronautical engineering. The Aeronautical Engineering M.Sc program belongs to the high-tech engineering category and includes scientific and mathematical studies to research, develop, test, deploy and manufacture a wide variety of aircraft. The Master of Engineering Aeronautical Engineering course deals with the development of new technologies in the fields of aviation, space research and defense systems. The Master of Engineering course in Aeronautical Engineering also covers aerodynamics and behaviour, airfoils, control surfaces, lift, drag and other characteristics.

The Aeronautical Engineering Master of Engineering degree specializes in the design, engineering, development, testing, operation, and maintenance of commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft and their components, and satellites and missiles. The Master of Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering course has a career-oriented character that opens up many creative opportunities after successful completion.

M.E (Aeronautical Engineering) Eligibility 

Aspiring students should have a minimum B.E/B.Tech or equivalent degree of 55%. Some well-known universities and institutions conduct entrance exams.


Overall, aeronautical engineering is a very good place to pursue a degree. Also, there are many job opportunities for aeronautical engineers. The aerospace industry offers a wide variety of opportunities and jobs for aeronautical engineers, providing ample room for personal growth and development. Many government agencies, defense agencies and space agencies (both in India and abroad) are also looking for aeronautical engineers to develop their air vehicles and systems.

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