What are the Skills Required for Interior Designing?

How to Become an Interior Designer

Interior Designing is a trendy career that contains creativity and glamour. This course is in high demand due to industry trends. A lot of students are interested in art and designing, and with a hint of creativity are opting for interior designing as a career. But one should not be fooled that only creativity can bring them success in this field, as a tremendous amount of effort and skills, along with marketing and exposure of the creation to the market/industry individuals and to customers, is a must. If designing spaces into beautiful utility areas is your dream, then this career is for you.

Though Interior Designing is a challenging job that requires dedication and hard work, putting your heart and soul to it can make you successful someday. A few other skills required and points to remember while choosing interior designing as a career are explain as below:

1. Attention to minute details and critical thinking

Since interior designing is the art and science of revamping an empty space, one should be a critical thinker of how to creatively fill up and design the space. One should have enough intelligence to renovate, analyse, model and remodel minute details of a space and the items that will be filling it up. An interior designer shall always be under a challenge that trends might flip and change and they have to recreate designs as per the requirement of the industry or the customer.

2. Being trendy

Interior Designing is a field which keeps on changing trends every now and then. It is required that interior designers keep up pace with the latest trends and shifts in trends so that they can cater to the needs of customers. Nowadays following trends have become a lot easier due to the presence of social media, which gives them exposure to a lot of choices ranging from old to traditional to modern techniques. They can even get in touch with industry leaders and customers for feedback and insights to improve their designing skills.

3. Computer and designing skills

We all know that it is utmost important to have basic computer knowledge in today’s world to sustain both in normal day to day life as well as in our workplaces.  Interior designers should have ample knowledge about how to use which design software to come up with a desired design; as these designs are the basis upon which customers form an idea, how a 3D model of the same will look.

4. Certification from a recognised institution

Apart from passion, what is required to become an interior designer is a certification from a recognized institution. Getting an interior designing degree or an equivalent qualification, adds to the portfolio of the candidate and makes the customers take them more seriously. One must not only obtain the qualification, but also showcase it to his or her clients in a way or the other.

Above mentioned are some of the major skills that are required to become an interior designer. Apart from these, few other points are to be kept in mind to be a successful interior designer:

1. Knowing the history of the design

Every particular form of art and design must have had an origin and have travelled paths to find its relevance in the modern-day world. Knowing about the origin and history of designs come handy when there are requirements of fusion art from the customer; unless one knows the old and the modern altogether, a proper fusion design is impossible to come up with.

2. Having knowledge about sustainability and economising designs

Any interior design is created with much effort and cost, thus the primal requirement should be that it is sustainable for a longer period of time. Secondly, the design must be cost-effective and affordable. Last but not the least, the designs should be so made, that it does not harm the environment or affect any animal.

3. Inspiration and creativity

An interior designer must have an eagle’s eye to pick up on inspiration of art from any and every possible place around them. Their surroundings should teach him visual aesthetics, contrasts of colours, texture variations and spatial geometry. Only an observant person can pick on these elements which can create a good Designer out of him.

Being brave and communicative

One should know that failures are bound to come in this path, but one must be brave enough to move ahead with courage and learn from their mistakes. These failures can be reduced only with good communication skills and negotiability with prospective customers.


After carefully considering each of the above points, institutions have come up with an undergraduate degree in interior designing (Bachelor of Interior Designing), the benefits include:

  1. Industrial visits, seminars and practical sessions to create a comprehensive balance between knowledge and practice
  2. Well qualified faculties, guiding the students
  3. Well-equipped laboratories
  4. Top recruiters like corporate and residential spaces, real estate, architecture industry etc.

To conclude, for any individual aspiring to study an undergraduate degree in Interior Designing, a set of certain skills are important to have and should go through a proper training process to achieve success.

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