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M.Tech Defense Technology

Career Opportunities after M.Tech Defense Technology

India as a Military Super Power It is only in the last decade that India has emerged as a military superpower. In May 2021, the Stockholm International Research Organization published data showing that India accounted for 32% of global military spending, compared to 39% for the United States and 13% for China, making India the […]

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Aeronautical Engineering in India

Aeronautical Engineering: Careers, Future Scope, Job Opportunities in India

“Aeronautical Engineering” is one of the most popular career choice for students who wish to do their careers in aircraft, space shuttles, aircraft, air shuttles etc. . This is a study of “Aeronautics”. Aeronautics has been derived from the Greek word “Aer” that means ‘air’’ and “Nautike” that means ‘navigation of the air’. This branch is a deep study of manufacturing, […]

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