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Bachelor of Arts degree with Bachelor of Law

Here’s How Studying Law Can Help Boost Your Career

A career in law can be highly rewarding as it provides candidates with excellent opportunities in diverse fields. Some of the most famous world leaders ranging from Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama have studied law to fortify their career. It is a truly...
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How to Become a Lawyer after Class 12?

A career in law is a noble pursuit as it equips lawyers with the tools to fight injustices and enforce law. There are a number of competitive law degrees that candidates can opt for after completing class 12. You can choose from 3-year and 5-year programs,...
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Most In-Demand Law Courses after 12th in 2021

Law and order are an integral part of the Indian constitution.   (BCI) is the regulatory body for law education in India. Professionals who acquire a law degree from a college or university recognised by the BCI are licensed to practice law in India....
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Road Map To Sandip University Law School

In recent times, the field of Law is performing exceptionally well with tremendous scope with numerous specializations such as Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Family Disputes, Corporate Law and Taxation. There are sadly 2.8 billion pending cases at...
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