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Benefits of studying engineering

Top 5 Master’s Degrees in Engineering in 2022

There are many career choices after engineering that you can pursue for a dynamic and global career scope. Engineering is and has always been an excellent career choice over the years. Every century has seen newer and better innovations created by engineers...
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Top Private University in India Gives Valuable Advice to Young Professionals

Starting a brand educational journey at one of the top universities in India can be quite daunting. New career options, new classes, new batch mates, the entire package can be quite complex without the right guidance. It is a space where you will learn,...
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VFX Animation Courses & Career Opportunities

If you are someone who enjoys a creative yet technical role, then a career in VFX animation could be the right direction for you. The field of animation and special effects has expanded enormously over the last few years with a need for more skilled,...
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Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Engineering

Engineering is one of the oldest professions that has stood the test of time. Engineers are problem solvers who find innovative solutions to problems by designing futuristic products and structures to suit the modern era. Since engineering is an ever-changing...
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Sandipotsav: The Legacy Of Sandip University

Annual days are very common in most colleges where students participate in a bunch of competitions and a series of awards are given out at the end of the day. However, all of that usually happens for one single day. Have you ever wondered what it would...
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