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Top Specialisations in New Age MBA

Specializations in the New Age MBA at Sandip University

Are you looking for a management degree that adds to your resume because it is more advanced than regular MBA programs? Sandip University offers such advanced New Age MBA programs in Maharashtra. At Sandip University, you can pursue a New Age MBA degree that can help you stand out of the crowd in the job […]

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PhD in Management

Top Reasons to Pursue PhD in Management from Sandip University

The highest academic designation available to an individual after completing a term of study is a PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy. A doctorate in research opens doors to a variety of opportunities. This three-to-eight-year programme will teach you how to effectively present a thesis that is the result of your own independent research on a […]

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Reasons for Pursuing an MBA in HR

Reasons for pursuing an MBA in HR from Sandip University

Have you ever noticed that irrespective of the industry, all businesses have one common department across all industries? Be it a tech company or an interior designing firm, they all have one thing in common, and that is a human resource department. All businesses, small or large, local or international, need a human resource department […]

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Top MBA Courses in 2022

MBA Courses Most in Demand in 2022

There are many Master of Business Administration or MBA courses that are in demand in 2022. MBA is one of the top qualifications that leading businesses seek in their management employees. This is a globally recognised qualification with versatile applications that can help professionals land top management positions in businesses across different industries. Top MBA […]

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Business Analysts

Get Success as a Business Analysts at Top MBA College in Maharashtra

Today data is the most important in the globalized world. 95% of the companies say they require professionals trained in data analytics for the success of the business. So why is it important to do a MBA in Business Analytics? In order to be a part of the digital revolution, data literacy is indispensable. We […]

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Advantages of Pursuing Financial Management

Advantages of Pursuing Financial Management | Scope, Objectives & Functions

Financial management is the practice that businesses adopt to make plans to keep all departments within the business working in sync with one another. Professionals involved in the financial management team within a business develop long-term investment plans, expense reports, and budgetary allowances to ensure that the business runs smoothly while also amassing profits. There […]

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Importance of Financial Management Courses for Modern Businesses

Importance of Financial Management Courses for Modern Businesses

Financial management is an important aspect of any modern business, irrespective of its size. Businesses rely on financial management to minimise loss and plan for uncertain market scenarios to ensure business stability. Most businesses hire students with a degree in finance management, and top financial management colleges in Maharashtra offer a wide variety of undergraduate […]

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