Top 9 B Tech Courses & Specialisations in 2021 | Job Opportunities & Benefits

After class 12 B.Tech is one of the most sought-after programmes for candidates with a science background. B.Tech engineering courses were highly preferred a few years ago, however, of late there are a wide range of B.Tech programmes in engineering and computer science that are attracting candidates attracted to an advanced B.Tech degree. There are a lot of career opportunities in engineering and computer science for a candidate with the right qualification.

If you think you have what it takes to apply for a B.Tech degree, then here are the top 9 B Tech courses after 12th science and specialisations in 2021:

Top 9 Best B Tech Courses in 2021

B Tech Aerospace Engineering

There is a lot of demand for aerospace engineers with best B.Tech qualifications from top engineering colleges in India. Candidates holding a B Tech Aerospace Engineering degree can be hired as Aerospace Engineers, Aircraft Technicians, Researchers, and Welding Engineers in top companies including Boeing India, BrahMos Aerospace, Drone Aerospace Systems, Defense Research & Development Organisation, ISRO, Adani Defense and Aerospace, and Airbus India, to name a few.

B Tech Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are in high demand across India as the government is developing numerous infrastructural projects, Smart City projects, and due to the boom of the Indian real estate market. Professionals holding a B Tech Civil Engineering degree can be hired as Civil Engineers, Site Engineers, Executive Engineers, and Structural Engineers by Newton Engineering & Chemicals, L&T Realty, Bridge & Roof, Oberoi Builders etc.

B Tech Computer Science & Engineering 

B Tech Computer Science and Engineering is a versatile degree with many job opportunities across industries, especially the IT industry. Candidates holding this degree can be placed as Software Engineers, Software Developers, Programmer Analysts, Test Engineers, and Content Developers in best IT companies including TCS, Facebook, Wipro, Capgemini, Infosys, Accenture etc.

B Tech Cloud Technology & Information Security  

B Tech Cloud Technology and Information Security trains students in ethical hacking, concepts of virtualisation, computer forensics, and cloud security. Professionals holding this qualification can be placed as Cloud Product Managers, Cloud Support Engineers, Cloud Security Specialists, and Senior Cloud Architect in leading companies such as IBM, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Dell, HP, Facebook etc.

B Tech Mechanical Engineering  

B Tech Mechanical Engineering is an advanced engineering degree that trains students in the dynamics of mechanical engineering, design engineering, and thermodynamics. After completing this programme professionals can be placed as Junior Mechanical Engineers, Assistant Engineers, and Design Engineers in best Indian companies including Ashok Leyland, Godrej Group, Tata Group, Mahindra and Mahindra, HCPL, Kirloskar etc.

B Tech Computer Science in Full Stack Development

B Tech Computer Science in Full Stack Development is one of the best B Tech courses you can currently pursue. This programme trains students to develop computer and mobile websites and applications from start to finish by managing back-end and front-end coding. Professionals holding this degree are employed as Programmers and Full Stack Developers in top IT companies including IBM, ViaCom, Azure, CarWale, SmartConnect Technologies etc.

B Tech Cyber Security & Forensic  

This programme is in high demand due to the increased dependence on online transactions in the banking and finance sector. Online financial transactions are threatened by hackers, malware, and phishing activities that require qualified experts to neutralize the threat. Professionals holding a B Tech Cyber Security and Forensic degree are hired as Ethical Hackers, Malware Analysers, Information Security Managers, and Security Programming Consultant by Amazon, Capgemini, Infosys, TCS, HCL Technologies, Paytm, Google etc.

B Tech Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

B Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is one of the best computer science programmes you can select as most industries are gravitating towards implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their day-to-day applications. The programme trains students in cognitive modelling, applications of artificial intelligence, and knowledge representation. Professionals holding this qualification can be hired as Machine Learning Engineers, Big Data & AI Architects, Research Engineers in Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics Professionals in Atkins, Accenture, Microsoft, Intel Technology, Reliance Jio, Google etc.

B Tech Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology is one of the most recent applications of computer science which has created quite a buzz in the IT sector. Blockchain-based applications are widely used in healthcare, finance, government, manufacturing, and logistics to prevent unethical hackers and data miners from accessing crucial private information. Professionals with this qualification can be hired as Blockchain Business Analyst, Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain Consultant, and Cryptocurrency Analyst by Acme Services, Paytm, Google Pay, Apple, Amazon etc.


You probably now have a fair idea about whether or not a B.Tech degree is for you. If you think you have found your career path after going through these B.Tech specialisations then it is time for you to shortlist top engineering and computer science colleges in India. Some of the best engineering colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra collaborate with industry partners to provide students with a cutting-edge B.Tech degree, and 100% placement assistance. Conduct thorough research before you finalise your B.Tech college. Good luck!

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