Student Branches (All Advantages of IM Plus)

Eligibility for nomination of best Student Branch award, Log-in privilege to the students on CSI knowledge portal with access to distinguished speaker list, Attachment to a Regional Student coordinator & National Student coordinator for assistance with resource persons for various events and chapter support to organize seminars / workshops / tutorials / competitions / Expo, Concessional rates for CSI Conferences and Tutorials for student members, Opportunity for students to interact with Industry professionals and chalk out a career path, Eligibility to publish articles in CSI communications and journal for student members, Eligibility to be nominated for the best Student paper in CSI communication, Eligibility for CSI funded minor projects, CSI Certification and Training programs at discounted rates for students, Permission to conduct events under CSI Banner, CSI Minor Research project funding up to Rs. 50000/-

  • Recognition by Accreditation bodies for association with a professional organization
  • Access to CSI knowledge portal and distinguished speaker list and eligibility for volunteering to be a speaker
  • Eligibility to apply for assistance to attend International conferences
  • Concessional rates for CSI Conferences and Tutorials for nominees


Ms. Nisha Patil,
Assistant Professor,
Computer Engineering Department,
School of Engineering and Technology