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School of Law

Road Map To Sandip University Law School

In recent times, the field of Law is performing exceptionally well with tremendous scope with numerous specializations such as Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Family Disputes, Corporate Law and Taxation. There are sadly 2.8 billion pending cases at the district court all over India. So how does one become a lawyer to attend to all these […]

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Aerospace Engineering Career

How A Degree In Aerospace Engineering Can Kick Start Your Career?

One of the most challenging engineering degree available in the circuit, Aerospace Engineering refers to the crucial in depth of research & design of certain aerospace equipments. In a recent years, due to ever increasing population the scope of Aerospace engineering have been increased by leaps & bounds. It improves the safety and fuel efficiency […]

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Town Planning Courses

What is Town Planning: Courses, Eligibility & Career Scope

When taking a walk around your locality, have you ever wondered who plans the roads, buildings, and other types of infrastructure in the area? This activity is undertaken by town planners. Town planning is a complex and skill-oriented task that needs the right qualification and skills. The designing of urban towns and cities is a […]

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Career in Law

Top Reasons to Choose a Law Career

There are many reasons to choose a career in law that can help you become an agent of truth and justice. When you choose a law career, you are embarking upon a professional life that can help you become a force for positive change in society. Lawyers are professionals who uphold the Indian judiciary and […]

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Careers in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering: Top Jobs and Career in India

Aerospace engineering is a futuristic branch of engineering that deals with designing, developing, manufacturing and maintaining aircrafts and spacecrafts. This is a constantly evolving field with a lot of innovative potential. Air travel has become an important part of our lives and more and more people are aspiring for safe, quick and comfortable means of […]

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