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MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing: What are the Major Benefits for your Career?

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration or MBA in Marketing Management degree can have major benefits for your career in the field. This is a postgraduate qualification and most candidates who hold an undergraduate degree from a UGC-recognised university or institution can apply for this program. While there are many specialisations you can choose from […]

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MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management

Benefits of Pursuing MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management From Sandip University

An MBA in Hospital Administration is now an excellent career option as the healthcare industry continues to grow due to the coronavirus. Hospital management is a combination of medical services and administration. It helps reduce healthcare costs and generate more financial resources. Providing quality healthcare is essential for a country to grow economically and thrive […]

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MBA Entrepreneurship

The Advantages of Pursuing an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Sandip University

The MBA in Entrepreneurship is a tailor-made programme for students who wish to venture into the field of entrepreneurship and start their own business. This programme helps you delve deep into the field of entrepreneurship and learn the basics of starting a business. It is a formal degree that helps the students get hands-on knowledge […]

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MBA in Human Resource Management

Reasons for pursuing an MBA in HR from Sandip University

One of the top degrees to start your career in the field of HR is an MBA in Human Resource Management. Sandip University offers a specialised degree in HR with a tailor-made curriculum that suits the current industry requirements. Students who have passed the MBA in HR from our University are working in MNC’s in […]

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Advantages of Pursuing New Age MBA from Sandip University

The Advantages of Pursuing New Age MBA from Sandip University

Nowadays, there are many public and private universities offering MBA programs. Students prefer to do these MBA programs to upgrade their skills. These traditional MBA programs do not give any specialised benefits to the students. With the changing scenario of the industry, the requirements of the employers have changed. Nowadays employers require the students with […]

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Job Roles after MBA Marketing Management Course

Job Roles after MBA Marketing Management Course

Today, a marketing degree is nothing less than a phenomenon. Marketing is required in each and every field and this degree is in high demand. Students that enrol in MBA programmes can learn about, adapt to, and manage a variety of problems and uncertainties in business. They gain a deep knowledge of the theoretical and […]

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Job Prospects after Bcom in Financial Management

Job Prospects after B.Com in Financial Management

A B.Com degree is not a common degree these days. Initially a B.Com degree meant nothing as far as getting employed was concerned but now with the specializations a B.Com degree has gained importance and it also train the students on the employability skills  Obtaining a degree does not guarantee a successful career following a […]

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Business Analytics Program

Which is the Best Business Analytics Program from Sandip University?

Sandip University offers many undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and the best business analytics program the university offers is New Age MBA in Business Analytics. Business analytics is the tool that businesses across different industries use to make accurate decisions. These decisions can range from marketing to product development and organisational issues. It also helps businesses […]

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